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10-15-2016 Bow Hunt

I left work an hour early at 4. I was in my stand by 5. I had a few does with fawns walking toward my stand about 6:15. Unfortunately, the foot step on my stand made a noise when I tried to stand up to prepare for a shot, and the closest doe heard, looked right at my, and then got everybody with her to leave in a hurry.
I got back into the stand Saturday morning before dawn, and didn’t see anything except 2 flocks of turkeys and a groundhog. I got out of the stand about 10.
Back in the stand at 3:30. 20 minutes later, I heard a branch break behind me and when I turned to look I see a doe and fawn. As far as I know they didn’t know I was there, and slowly moved along.
About 5, I had a doe and 2 fawns run by, so I figured they were being chased, so as I grabbed my bow from the hanger, I hear a snort behind me. I turned to look and saw a doe trying to figure out what I was. She worked her way around to the front of my, and when I tried to stand up, she caught me and headed away in a hurry.. She kept snorting at me even though she was out of sight. I tried blowing a fawn bleat, but to no avail.
I soon noticed some more movement off in another direction. As I watched intently, I suddenly became aware there were 2 deer at the base of my stand not more than 5 feet away. Without even taking the time to turn on the camera, I drew and fire my arrow at the closest one. My shot was dead on and it ran about 10 feet into some fallen trees, turned and ran another 10 yards and piled up.
For some reason, my camera would not stay on, otherwise there would have been more video. I also found out carbon arrows break. Oh, by the way “RAGE” broadheads are killer.

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