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.380 ACP Ammunition Comparison

As we know, small pistols encourage concealed carry. Many armed citizens carry a .380 ACP pistol for personal defense or as a second or backup gun. The .380 cartridge was created by the great gun genius John Moses Browning in 1908. He invented the .380 in order to create a small pocket pistol for concealment. One hundred and eight years later the .380 remains very popular for that purpose.

Bullet technology of today requires close to 200 foot pounds of energy to achieve consistent expansion and more than 12 inches of penetration in ballistic gel which is covered with heavy clothing (FBI standard). The .380 ACP normally generates less than 200 Foot Pounds of Kinetic Energy. There are however several .380 loads that will come close to achieving the FBI standard.

Considering the limitations of the .380, it is incumbent upon each of us who rely on pistols in this caliber to find the most effective ammunition available to meet our self-defense needs. This is why we have elected to research the potential of the .380 cartridge.
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