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I bought a new bow

I’d been wanting to buy a new bow for awhile, but most sporting goods stores sell the new design compound bows upwards of $370. Not being able to afford the price kept me from buying one, until I found this one. This appears to be good quality construction without the high price so many others are asking. With accessories and pro help, I spent a total of $342.82, so I didn’t do to bad money wise.

Setting the weight was simple, but I still had have the pro shop measured it. I’m set at 59 LBS, and I just kept loosening the screws until I was able to draw the bow without any difficulty. I might lower the weight a little more, because my arm got tired after a short time

I did take my quiver from my old bow, so that was one thing I didn’t have to buy new.

High Point Products makes the stabilizer/camera mount.

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