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Surf Fishing New Jersey Bluefish

After stopping at Betty and Nicks Bait and Tackle in Seaside Park, NJ for some bait, my 2nd cousin Joel and I headed out to Island Beach State Park to try our luck at the Bluefish catch that has been going for the past few weeks.
Low tide was around 9:30 AM and we found a spot to set up around 10, so tide was just stating to come in.
We didn’t see our first hit until around 12:00 noon. Unfortunately, I was using 20LB mono leader and my first fish of the day managed to bite off the hook.
Next was Joel’s turn, and much to our dismay, that one also bite off the hook.
I had some other hooks with heavier mono leaders, so I rigged them up and got back to fishing.
My fish came to the beach around 1:00 PM, and Joel’s came in around 1:50 PM
We weighed them with an inexpensive scale which put them about 10 LBS each. Although we only caught 2 fish, we still managed to have an enjoyable day on the water. Joel caught his biggest fish ever, and I got the season started with a alligator blue.

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