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Target practice

As bow season approaches, it’s a great idea to get out and practice as much as possible. I, as well as many seasoned archers, know the best way of improving your odds when stalking your prey is to practice, practice, practice. And when you get that done, practice some more
You can have everything finally tuned to the point, not even a drug sniffing dog would be able to find you in the woods, but if you can’t hit the target, it’s all been for naught.
I’m currently practicing, along with getting to know how to operate my new camcorder. It’s a Canon vixia HF G40. It records in 1080p, and has some features I’m still trying to figure out.
The camcorder is mounted to the tree using the Fourth Arrow “Stiff Arm”, with their fluid head. (shameless plug inserted here)

As you can see from the video, it’s in 1080p, so you’ll be viewing my hunts and some of my fishing trips in this quality. Personally, I can’t wait to upload some action videos. The weather has been cool for the past few weeks, and as bow season rapidly approaches, my blood is beginning to churn. The anticipation of getting up on opening day at O dark thirty, and heading out on a cool morning in search of my prey is an excitement all it’s own. I’m just not sure if my excitement is as much about the hunt as it is, getting it on video. I guess I’ll find out that morning, until then, practice, and good luck.

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