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Whitetail deer hunting

Last weekend, I’d gotten into my stand before dawn and later that morning I had a buck chasing a doe. They wound up passing right under my stand. I tried to stop the buck by making a “waaaant “ sound, but he wouldn’t stop. I took another vacation day on Friday. I got into my stand bright and early before sunrise. I only had a few does come by my stand, and came down about 10:30. When I got back into my stand, I saw a buck about 1:30 moving from south to north off to my right. I was able to see him down behind me, but was never able to get a shot. As the afternoon progressed, nothing else happened.
Saturday morning, I was back in my stand again before dawn, and a young spike buck wandered in from my left. He got within 10 feet of the stand, and I watched him as he wandered away. He wandered off into the same direction as the buck I had seen the previous afternoon.
About 10:30, I saw a nice buck heading south, again off to my right following the same path I’d seen the buck the afternoon before in the opposite direction, so I decided, against my better judgement, to move my stand. I searched where I had seen the buck moving to that morning, but the best place I found was behind me to the right, where I had seen the buck heading the previous afternoon. Once I’d decided on the best location, I headed out to get something to eat.
I returned to the now relocated stand, and proceeded to wait.
I had a young spike wander in to my stand. I saw him early, but didn’t start video recording until he was close. I’d already made up my mind to only shoot more than 4 points, so this little guy got to live to see another day.
Later that afternoon, I saw movement where my stand was. I grabbed my binoculars to see a buck with a nice rack in the area of my previous set. Following behind him was another deer, although I couldn’t tell whether the second deer had any antlers. The first deer turned to chase it off, so I tuned off the camera. After running off the second deer, he turned back around and proceeded on his original course.

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