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Whitetail Hunt 1-7-2017

I picked up my 2017 licence on New Years day. I had off for the holiday on Monday the 2nd, but it rained, so I didn’t bother going out
It snowed Friday morning, and most of it melted by the end of the day.
I got into the stand about 20 minutes before sunrise. The weather forecast was calling for 2 to 5 inches and it hadn’t started yet. It probably really started going about 8.
Around 8:30, I needed to stand up and stretch my legs. I turned and looked behind me, and I see several deer munching on honeysuckle vines.
One spike buck was coming in closer when he spotted me, and snorted as he ran away.
The others all ran also, but they were just spooked, and wound up circling around to my right.
Unfortunately, I forgot to unlock the pendulum sight and shot high, missing my first shot of 2017.
Winter bow ends Feb. 18th, but the bucks are going to start losing their antlers before that. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some more time in.

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